The European Youth Coordination Committee (EYCC) is an elected body which has received the mandate by the European Youth Network to represent them in the wider Movement.

The EYCC has been elected by the member National Societies during the 22nd European Youth Cooperation Meeting held in Sutomore, Montenegro. For the years 2016 to 2018 the following representatives have been elected.

  • Sabrina Konzok   –   German Red Cross (Chair)
  • Hala Mohammed   –   Swedish Red Cross (Vice-Chair)
  • Ani Mirakyan  –   Armenian Red Cross Society
  • Jasmin Niksic  –  Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Mariya Hristova   –   Bulgarian Red Cross
  • Jelena Sofranac  –  Red Cross of Montenegro
  • Guillermo Vazquez De Pablo    –   Spanish Red Cross


Photo EYCC 2016-2018

Tasks and responsibilities
As per Terms of Reference their tasks and responsibilities have been identified as:

  • Advocates on behalf of members;
  • Encourages communication and cooperation among members;
  • Brings issues from sub-regional networks to an European level;
  • Shares all relevant information with IFRC Youth Commission and with internal and external networks;
  • Shares knowledge of relevant documents from partners and from the IFRC
  • Follows up to the decisions taken by the EYCM
  • Prepares the biannual EYCM
  • Is in charge of the process of replacement of its members, when necessary
  • Following consultation with the hosting member, invites relevant stakeholders of the Network to attend the EYCM as guests;
  • Defines the theme of the coming EYCM, six months prior the EYCM; and
  • Sends out the agenda of the EYCM and relevant documents to the members, one month prior the EYCM.

Work plan
The EYCC will, based upon the European Youth Network’s Terms of Reference and the outcomes of the 22nd European Youth Cooperation Meeting, prioritize the following thematic areas as key during their two year mandate:

  • Strengthening sub-regional cooperation
  • Migration
  • Youth and Governance
  • Implementation of the Youth Engagement Strategy
  • Innovation



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