Feel free to contact the EYCC whenever you have a question or something we can support you with.

  • Bas van Rossum             
  • Sabrina Konzok              
  • Anna Gevorgyan             
  • Jen Hardy                       
  • Kristiyan Penyashki      
  • Danielle Lindholm         
  • Nabidzhon Sidikshoev   

2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hi everybody I am Nurcemal Birtay project leader in my association of SAVEMYBABIES .I would like to announce for volunteers for the expedition of FIND THE NOAHS ARK at the mountains of ARARAT / AGRI project starts 15th of March ends 15th of August deadline for apply 1th of January in 2018 in 5 mounths send ur CV / BIO so u will receive completely info Best wishes SAVEMYBABIES Org.991.114.599 vat Braatakroken 3 N-3490 Klokkarstua GSM:+47 95 00 42 73

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