World Humanitarian Summit – Global Youth Consultation

IFRC Delegation DohaWhat is this process everybody in the humanitarian world is talking about? You probably have seen posts and tweets about it all over social media. The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) is an initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The goal of this summit is to bring the global community together to commit to new ways of working together to safe lives and reduce hardship around the globe. The long and extensive consultation process, including regional consultations as well as thematic consultations, is the preparation for the first global summit on humanitarian action, which will be held on 23 – 24 May 2016 in Istanbul.  Continue reading


Youth Engagement Pool of Facilitators

Do you know that the European Youth Coordination Committee started an initiative of Youth Engagement Pool of Facilitators? It’s aim is to assist National Societies in strengthening their structures and self-assessing their level of youth engagement. Let’s meet one of them!


What is your name?

Sabrina Konzok

Which National Society do you come from?

German Red Cross

How does your life outside of the Red Cross look like?

I am a political scientist and have just completed my Bachelor. I will now continue studying and doing my Masters at the University of Amsterdam. Continue reading

Youth stands for a healthy lifestyle

001Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (RCST) for the last three years successfully implemente the “Healthy Community” project in the Shule village in the Rasht Valley, east part of Tajikistan.

The Rasht Valley is known from medieval times as one of the settlements on the Silk Route and the capital of the historical Karategin area in the Pamirs. At the end of the 2nd century B.C. the Great Silk Route crossed the Alai mountains and Rasht Valley continuing through Gissar, Khatlon, Balkh, Iran and Iraq and reaching the banks of the Mediterranean Sea to unite East and West. Continue reading

Youth as actors of behavioral change

FotoRight now our world holds more than 50 million migrants globally and out of that number millions of refugees and internally displaced people are fleeing from conflict in their home countries. The crisis in Syria for example is now in its fourth year, being the most severe humanitarian crisis we have seen in a long time and leaving millions searching for a safer place for their families. One might wonder why right now is also the moment that in my home country, Germany, as well as in other societies the unwillingness to welcome new migrants and refugees is increasing. In Germany up to 20.000 people took part in demonstrations against migrants and a mayor just stepped down as its citizens were criticizing his approval to welcome Syrian refugees. During my internship in South Africa, I am right now witnessing refugees being victims of xenophobic attacks, leaving them half blind, beaten up and in fear. As those actions are not taking place in a military conflict, but within our societies, a young humanitarian might wonder what this will lead to in the coming years. Continue reading

Youth Embracing Diversity Camp

15At YOUmanity United, the annual Youth Conference of the Netherlands Red Cross we, Valery and Sebastiaan, were elected to be the Dutch representatives to the Youth Camp in Kenya. It has been inspiring, educational and  an uniting experience that has given us many new experiences, insights and friends. At the camp you clearly saw that everyone’s heart lies with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement – it is unique to see and feel this sense of unity. Continue reading

How do you create a strategy?

Do you know how to create a Youth strategy? How to decide on how to work in the upcoming several years? Do you know what you want your National society’s youth to look like in the next 5 or 10 years? Let ask the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth!

Bulgarian Red Cross Youth held its National Council of Youth Coordinators in 13-15 February, in the National Training Centre of Bulgarian Red Cross, Lozen, Sofia. The main topics of the discussion were the new Strategy 2020 for development of BRCY. Members of the NC of Youth Coordinators were all coordinators of the regional branches, members of the Executive board and the Control Committee of the BRCY. The staff members, responsible for youth from the regions and the staff members of the Youth department in the Secretariat of the Bulgarian Red Cross also took part in the discussions. Continue reading

Lia from Armenia about her EYCC experience

10364446_743406139044838_253921803_n-3What work did you carry out within your National Society and when were you elected as ECC/EYCC member? In Armenian Red Cross I was mainly involved with the youth activities. I started in the Armenian Red Cross Youth as a volunteer and was involved in the projects related to environmental, social and health issues, promotion of humanitarian values, educational projects for youth, and etc. My active involvement in the projects resulted in me becoming first a leader (group/programme) and later, a member of Armenian Red Cross Youth’s National Board. I was elected as an ECC/EYCC member for the period 2010-2012. And I have been reelected for the period 2012 April – 2012 September ( I had to resign for personal reasons).

Continue reading